If you've received (been "served" with) a Statement of Claim in Ontario, and your name is listed as a Defendant, it means you have been sued in the Superior Court of Justice. 


You should contact a lawyer immediately because you have just 20 calendar days to get a lawyer and formally defend the case. The clock starts when you first received the Statement of Claim.


After the deadline, you may lose your right to defend yourself and the Court may decide the case without you.


KPA Lawyers is a law firm in Mississauga, and we have experience representing Defendants in Superior Court. We don't just provide effective representation, we also equip you with the legal knowledge to understand your case. That's why we've put together the following video that will make understanding your case simple and easy. 

Real client reviews

Rhyan is a truly remarkable lawyer and human being. After reaching out to him in a time of need for a legal matter he was patient, kind, and very compassionate.


He actually took time to listen to my situation and gave me an opportunity to receive basic legal advice without shoving a price list down my throat or demanding a retainer. He is extremely knowledgeable and so well spoken.


He takes time to acknowledge every email and answered every question I had with an incredible amount of detail and thought. He has been very helpful throughout a tough legal situation and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a lawyer who not only knows what they are doing but one who will make you feel heard and supported throughout the process.


-Andrea Nicho

I had the pleasure of working with Timon Sisic from KPA Lawyers. I'm very impressed by the service and work he provided. Always available, very knowledgeable, and quick to respond to all my questions with detail.


Also want to thank Rhyan for giving me the confidence that they were the right choice. I highly recommend KPA Lawyers for anyone. Thanks guys!

-Saad Anwar

I have dealt with a lot of law firms in the past but KPA is the most professional team I have worked with while having fair prices for all their services. The team there is very detail oriented and explain every element of the process.


-Khaled Iwamura

The team over at KPA lawyers is fantastic, they were patient and answered all of my inquiries. Their staff is very pleasant to work with and engaged in the community as well. They truly do value their clients and are clearly passionate about their profession. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need.

-Thuvishan Rajagulasingam