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Most people know that you need a real estate lawyer to buy or sell any real estate property in Ontario. But what does a real estate lawyer do? Check out the following 1-minute video from LawPro to find out what your real estate lawyer actual does. 

Don't entrust your real estate purchase or sale to the wrong lawyer.

Did you know that the Law Society of Ontario has strict guidelines about what real estate lawyers should and shouldn't do?

You might not be aware that real estate law has consistently been among the top three areas of law that clients submit complaints about to the Law Society.

Part of the reason that errors and complaints occur in real estate transactions is that some lawyers practice in this area of law without adequate knowledge or experience in real estate law, like what happened in this case

Many real estate lawyers also, unfortunately, give too much responsibility to their assistants and allow them to perform aspects of closings that should have been personally handled by the lawyer, like what happened in this case. This type of behaviour can have devastating financial consequences for you or your family.

Lawyers at KPA who handle real estate transactions are experienced, diligent and meticulous about each and every closing. Our company has strict hiring practices and internal guidelines to ensure that only the most qualified persons are permitted to perform work on real estate closings.

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