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Whether you want to incorporate a new business, apply for a trademark, or resolve any number of other common business issues, we can perform over 100 different types of government searches or document filings on your behalf. 

Feel free to explore our search and filing services below: 

If you have a question or need help deciding which search or filing that you require, feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation consultation. 

NUANS/Name/Trademark Searches

Pre-Check (NUANS Preliminary Search): $49

NUANS Report: $249

NUANS Report (with Pre-Check and Recommendation): $289

NUANS Report (with Pre-Check without Recommendation): $269

Federal Name Decision: $99

Document Filings

Ontario Article Filing: $249

Ontario Initial Return / Notice of Change: $249

Ontario Manual Filing of Article/Notice/Annual Return (OTC): $149

Ontario Data Extract Only: $49

Ontario Annual Return Filing: $225

Federal Article Filing: $200

Federal Notice / Annual Return Filing: $200

Federal Manual Filing of Article/Notice/Annual Return: $210

Ontario Business Name Registration: $210

Ontario Manual Filing of Business Name (OTC): $160

Out of Province Registrations: $200

Corporate Searches – Ontario

Corporate Profile Report: $150

Corporate Documents List: $130

Corporation Business Names List: $130

Corporate Profile / Document List / Business Names List: $150

Corporate Certificate of Status: $150

Certificate of Non-Filing: $150

Certificate of No Record: $150

Point-in-Time Report: $150

Microfiche – Uncertified: $150

Microfiche – Certified: $200

Corporate Existence File Search: $200

Corporate Searches – Federal

Corporate File Search: $200

Corporate File Copies – Uncertified: $200

Corporate File Copies – Certified: $240

Corporate Certificate of Compliance: $200

Corporate Existence (Certificate of Existence): $240

Corporate Searches – Out of Province

Corporate Profile: $210

Corporate File Copies – Uncertified: $240

Corporate File Copies – Certified: $259

Corporate Certificate of Status/Certificate of Good Standing/Certificate of Compliance: $240

Corporate Existence File Search: $259

Business Name Searches (Ontario)


Business Name Report (Current): $150

Document Replica of a Business Registration: $150

BNLP Document List: $150

Certificate of Non-Registration of a Business Name: $150

Statement of No Match: $150

Partnership Business Names List: $150

Business Name Report (Expired Records): $200

Security Searches and Filings

Service Description: $150

Bankruptcy Superintendent (Official Receiver) Search: $150

Bankruptcy – Superior Court Search: $250

Bankruptcy – Superior Court and Official Receiver Search: $150

Bulk Sales Act Search: $200

Bulk Sales Act Filing: $200

Bank Act Search: $150

Bank Act Filing: $200

Writs of Execution Search in One Region: $150

Writs of Execution OWL Search Report: $150

Litigation Search (5 years): $190

Litigation Search (10 years): $240

Enhanced Search Report (ESR): $125

PPSA Searches and Registrations


Ontario PPSA Uncertified Search: $150

Ontario PPSA Certified Search: $150

Ontario PPSA Pre-Search: $100

Ontario PPSA Post-Search: $100

Ontario PPSA Registration: $185

Ontario PPSA Change Filing: $180

Ontario PPSA Renewal / Discharge Filing: $160

Out of Province PPSA Search: $200

Out of Province PPSA Registration: $185

Out of Province PPSA Change Filing: $200

Out of Province PPSA Renewal / Discharge Filing: $160

CSRA Instrument Copies: $150

U.S.A. UCC Search: $200

U.S.A. UCC Registration: $185

Real Estate Services


Real Estate – Property Search (Parcel abstract) – Ontario: $175

Real Estate – Property Search (Parcel abstract) – Out of Province: $200

Miscellaneous Services

Birth / Marriage / Death Certificate – Regular Service: $300

Birth / Marriage / Death Certificate – Rush Service: $500