Legal Aid Services


If you are a low-income person, Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) may be able to provide you with legal assistance. Usually this means that you have little or no money left after paying for basic things like food and housing.


Certificates are one of a range of services that Legal Aid Ontario provides for its clients. These services include free legal information and advice, support from courthouse lawyers who are there to explain what you need to do and help you when you have to appear, and help for criminal or family matters.

We recommend that you watch the video below to understand how legal aid works in Ontario. 

Do you have a legal aid certificate? If so, then call us now and pay no consultation fee.
VIDEO: How Does Legal Aid Work in Ontario?

Does your legal problem qualify?

Legal Aid Ontario issues a legal aid certificate to people who are financially and legally eligible and need a lawyer. This certificate is like a “voucher” for legal services. You can use it to “pay” for a lawyer to represent you for a certain number of hours. In general, to qualify for a legal aid certificate, your legal matter must be one that Legal Aid Ontario covers and you must be financially eligible. These are some of the legal areas for which you may receive a Legal Aid Ontario certificate:


Emergency situations

You need legal help for a family matter on an emergency basis if you might lose custody of your kids, you need more financial support from your ex-partner, you are experiencing (or have experienced) domestic violence (domestic violence may include financial and emotional abuse).


Our Law Firm

KPA Lawyers is a private law firm that accepts legal aid for both Family Law and Criminal Defence matters. That means persons who have received a legal aid certificate from Legal Aid Ontario may redeem their certificate for legal services provided by our lawyers. Whether a client pays privately or through legal aid, we provide the same quality of legal services to all of our clients. However, your legal aid certificate will determine exactly what types of legal services are covered. If you require additional legal services that are not covered under your certificate, you can either apply for those services to be covered or pay privately for such services. 


If you already have a certificate number, then you must bring your legal aid certificate or certificate number to our office before we can begin work on your case. If you require assistance in applying for legal aid or determining your eligibility, we can provide you with general guidance.


Please note that we are not affiliated with Legal Aid Ontario, and we do not decide your eligibility for a legal aid certificate. 


You may wish to visit legal aid's website to see if you qualify for a legal aid certificate:


You may also call Legal Aid Ontario at 1-800-668-8258.