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"I have dealt with a lot of law firms in the past but KPA is the most professional team I have worked with while having fair prices for all their services. The team there is very detail oriented and explain every element of the process."

—  Khaled Iwamura

Founder of

How does it work?

Legal fees are broken. So we decided to fix them. Today, more than ever, entrepreneurs and startups are looking for ways to innovate and grow their businesses on a tight budget. Paying for expensive lawyers just doesn't make sense. 


Wouldn't it be great if you could have a go-to lawyer who you could ask random legal questions, review documents and just be available for you? But when you're a small or medium-sized business, paying $300 or $400 per hour (or more) just isn't an option most of the time. 


That's why we've created simple monthly subscriptions where you can access your lawyer and get legal advice. You won't even be billed until the end of your first month. During that first month, we'll reach out to learn about you and your business, and you'll still be able to access all the benefits of your subscription.


This service is offered exclusively to companies in the Province of Ontario. ​


Want to learn more before signing up? Send us an email with your questions at










  • Ask us anything, get answers

  • Ask your lawyer up to three (3) legal questions per month.

  • The Essentials Plan is for general legal questions only. It does not include document review, contract review, litigation support, or negotiations with third-parties. 



  • Everything in Essentials PLUS the following:


  • Ask your lawyer up to ten (10) legal questions per month.


  • Review up to three contracts or other legal documents (up to 15 pages each)

  • 30-minutes of free telephone discussions with your lawyer per month.


  • Everything in Professional PLUS the following:​

  • You will be covered for the cost of legal representation as a Plaintiff or Defendant in Small Claims Court (up to $25,000). This service is valued at over $3,000 but is included for Premium subscribers. This coverage requires a 1-year commitment and includes up to one lawsuit per year.

  • Receive legal opinions regarding contracts and agreements; upload up to 10 documents per month.

  • 1 additional hour of free telephone discussions with your lawyer per month (total 90 minutes per month)

  • Send a Demand Letter or Cease & Desist Letter to a third-party (1 per month)

  • Reply to a legal letter received from an opposing law firm (1 per month)