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The stress of dealing with a lawsuit or miscommunication between you and your lawyer can lead to frustration and misunderstanding. KPA Lawyers strives to provide every single client with exemplary services.

Your feedback helps us improve the legal services we provide.

That's why we welcome your comments and feedback. Whether you want to leave us a positive comment about any of our lawyers or support staff, or you want to submit a complaint about the services you've received, you can use the form on this page to help us resolve your concerns. 

If you wish to submit a complaint, we've put together the following FAQ to ensure that you understand that complaints process: 

Who does my complaint go to? 

Every complaint is reviewed and complaints may be reviewed by a managing partner or department head. 

What can I complain about? 

Clients who feel unsatisfied with the services they have received may submit a complaint if they wish to do so. Complaints regarding legal fees, a lawyer's standard of professional conduct, competency, or other similar matters will be reviewed with a view to an amicable resolution.

How does the complaint process work? 

A complaint is commenced by completing the form on this page. Ensure that you attach any supporting documents that you wish to rely upon to support your complaint. 

After a complaint is received, a managing partner or department head is assigned to review the complaint. This person is always a lawyer. The complaint may be shared with the lawyer against whom the complaint is made. The lawyer then has an opportunity to provide a response if he or she wishes to do so, along with any documents to support his or her response. 

If the investigating lawyer requires additional information, he or she may ask either party for more documents or information. After the investigating lawyer has completed his or her review of the matter, he or she will typically send a written decision to the parties, along with his or her reasons for her decision. The investigating lawyer has the authority to recommend disciplinary action, an adjustment to a bill, dismiss the complaint entirely or recommend some other type of penalty. 

How long will it take for me to receive a response? 

This depends on the nature of the complaint. For example, a complaint about a lawyer's standards of competence will require a thorough review of the case to which the lawyer was assigned, the available evidence, extenuating circumstances and all other relevant factors. Due to the variety of circumstances, we cannot provide time estimates for resolution of a complaint. 


I have dealt with a lot of law firms in the past but KPA is the most professional team I have worked with while having fair prices for all their services. The team there is very detail oriented and explain every element of the process.

Khaled R Iwamura, Founder of

Thank you again for the quick great work. I will definitely come to you again if I need any other legal services.
Deborah Hatten, Director, Foremost Staffing Solutions Inc.

Hiring this firm was one of the best business decisions I have made. They are professional, courteous, and do their job extremely well.
Danny Bamboat, Director Building Adventure Minds Travels Inc.

Rhyan really knows his stuff. He talks about the law in a way I can understand.

Andrew Matte, Matte Computer Systems Inc., Toronto, ON

Very refreshing to know that there are law firms that still truly care about their clients!!"

Ann Salzer, Director, Team Up To Safety Consulting Services Inc.

Very professional, articulate and dedicated to quick resolution. I have known Rhyan since 2015 and he has helped advise and provide timely solution to help me navigate the legal system. He is knowledgeable and always available when needed to be reached.

Mustafa Yacoob, MIY Consultants, Inc., Brampton, ON

They are very passionate and caring. The best you can work with.
Z. Mawji, Richmond Hill, ON

From beginning to end, this firm maintained a high level of professionalism while being completely approachable.  They heard me out and asked all the right questions with genuine interest. I was consulted at every step of the way to ensure that I was completely satisfied.
Matt P., Mississauga, ON

Knowing nothing about lawyers/or law, I was totally confused and lost. A friend recommended Preet from KPA. From the first encounter I knew this was the law firm to handle my case. From day one she was very professional and informative. To add the icing on my cake she  had a next colleague handling my matter who was very knowledgeable and informative. Thank you both and your team for the EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!

Jodiann Daubon, Mississauga, ON

Great experience all around: prompt response, fee schedule prominently displayed up-front instead of being a mystery after the fact, and a very helpful and informative call up-front to help me decide whether I need a lawyer or not. Definitely recommend!

Ryan Kabir, Boston, Massachusetts

Great firm. Great staff.

Shoumen Rashid, Brantford, ON

Very professional and personable. They have your interests at heart.

Sonu Singh, Ottawa, ON

Best experience with Rhyan. Awesome service, great team work. Highly recommend KPA.

Ameet Asrani, Brampton, ON

They really are how lawyers should be.

Kandace Keeney, Little Rock, Arkansas

I just wanted to express on behalf of my family how amazing Shannon has been for us during this difficult time. I would like to also mention his stellar attitude professionalism and dedication towards [our] needs. I would be more than happy to recommend him to any of my contacts in need. KPA has been a blessing and I wish the firm all its success.

Mario Thomas Imbrogno, Mississauga, ON