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KPA is always looking for the best and the brightest professionals.

No matter what role you're applying for, there's a lot to feel good about in your job. Articling students receive direct training and mentorship from senior lawyers. Lawyers enjoy competitive compensation plans with opportunities for growth. We also proudly host paralegal field placement students from a variety of local colleges as well.


If you don't see a position advertised that matches your qualifications, but you believe you are suited for a position in our firm, feel free to apply online or email us at We read every application. 

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Lawyers, do you want to work from home?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how lawyers do business, and we've evolved with the times. 

We're actively recruiting Ontario lawyers who want to work from home on a full-time basis. You can apply to this program by clicking here.

Being a virtual lawyer is like running a law firm from your home, without all the headache of paying for overhead, managing a trust account, or spending money on support staff, because KPA pays for, manages and provides all of that for you.

You work when you want, and earn as much as you want. However, since we invest significant amounts of money into your success, you'll still need to meet reasonable billable targets just like working at any other law firm, but the lifestyle is nothing like working anywhere else.

And if you're wondering about what the compensation is like, then check out this article about us on The Huffington Post.

Since we know that lawyers are all about the details, we'll tell you upfront that you will be an employee of our firm, and you will not be required to register your own business or file taxes as a self-employed person.


You are also not required or expected to pay for any software, hardware, LSO fees, LawPro fees, or other "tools of the job" (so to speak). We pay for and provide all of that.


Our goal really is to take the administrative headache out of practising law. For that, you and KPA share in the profits that we earn together.

For more information about this program, feel free to contact us at